Medalists Announced at New Pond Village following the Winter Olympics themed fitness challenge

 In celebration of the Winter Olympics, independent living residents at New Pond Village, a Boston-area senior living community, participated in an Olympic themed fitness challenge. 
Fitness challenge residents
Feb '18

During the 2018 Winter Olympics, New Pond Village hosted a series of exercise programs in which resident’s accumulated points based on attendance and performance. Activities reinvented some of the Winter Olympics favorites with an indoor, senior-friendly twist. Resident’s with the highest points were awarded gold, silver and bronze medals.

Following weeks of intense competition during a Winter Olympics inspired fitness challenge residents at New Pond Village receive their medals. Bronze - Joan Dimond, Shirley Hutchins, Lois Fitzgerald, Silver - Pat Craigin, Gold - Sue Mann. (Left to Right)

Sun Mann receives gold medal

Sue Mann receives the gold medal for New Pond Village’s Winter Olympics inspired fitness challenge.