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New Pond Village Caregiver Making A Difference

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May '20

Phiona Mugomba moved to Massachusetts six years ago from Uganda and is a caregiver for New Pond Village. After her parents died very young from pneumonia and high blood pressure, Phiona knew she had to be a caregiver.

Once Phiona got to the United States she saw how proper support and health care could mean people would live longer and she wanted to help.

“I came to America. I found that people can live longer and should,” she said.

On a recent afternoon at New Pond Village, Phiona was in Memory Care spending time with Giselle Sullivan and other residents as they watched music videos on TV and tapped their feet or hands to the beat. The smiles on their faces were huge!

There is never a typical day in Memory Care at New Pond Village as the neighborhood develops active programming that engages the individual resident, connecting residents and their families to what matters. 

Phiona’s role as a caregiver means creating an environment that helps the residents connect to what’s meaningful to them personally. Personalized activities and spending time learning about each resident is part of what Phiona does each day. 

The Memory Care neighborhood opened in the spring and Tasha Thomas, resident care director, continues to make mealtimes and everything the residents do purposeful and engaging.

One of her favorite activities was when they painted the American flag on sea shells to celebrate the Fourth of July. It was fun for them and also a very proud moment for the group.

As the residents get ready for bed, she says. “I try to help them get ready and assist. But I also give them independence.”

The environment at New Pond Village is very friendly, Phiona says. “We don’t wear scrubs and we really make them feel like they are still at home. It is my home away from home.”

Phiona says New Pond Village has prepared her well to be a caregiver. Part of this training includes shadowing another caregiver. “They don’t let you care for the residents until you are trained.”

She enjoys when family members visit. “Phil comes in all the time to see Giselle and that is very special.” Phiona said on Grandparents Day they had a social and a musician played the piano and the residents really were engaged and happy.

For Phiona, being a caregiver at New Pond Village makes her proud and happy that she made the decision to come to America and gets to make a difference in people’s lives each and every day.

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